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Foundations of the Living School Institute

Earn the Degree That’s Right for You

Whether you are interested in preparing for a specific job or want to make yourself more marketable, this training can help you meet your personal and professional goals. It is a great first step in any career and can increase your financial security, professional network, and job satisfaction. As a working professional, we know that you are seeking to expand your skill set and take the next step in your career. With an online degree from the Living School Institute, you can receive an excellent education that prepares you to impact your community no matter where you are. If you want an education that fits into your schedule, engages, and challenges you, then the Living School is for you.

No matter why you are looking for, you will get the best training at the LSI!

You can choose from a variety of degrees that are flexible, affordable, and designed to help you achieve personal and professional success. Our degree programs are 100% online and can also be offered in an 8-week course format, so no matter your work, family, or volunteer obligations, you can find a program that fits your schedule.

Program Overview

The Living School welcomes applicants who are willing to receive the lessons that will profoundly transform and change their consciousness.

The Living School Institute is an “emergent” or para-school, on the edge of the inside; it is not affiliated with any church or institution of higher education. As such, our degrees or certification are given to the well deserving. We pride in what happens beyond the degree or certificate, the experience itself—learning and practices that can support students’ continued growth as fully human, God-indwelled beings.


The Living School Institute is currently working through an extensive process to update its program and curriculum.

Applications will reopen once that process is complete.

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